How much does a bond cost?

*TYPICALLY* in Virginia, the bail amount will be 10-15% of the full bond amount plus a $25 processing fee. There are times when the processing fee will be higher if we (the bondsmen) are coming a long distance to the requested jail, if it is a holiday, or if it is after 10 PM but before 5 AM. This cost is called the bail amount and IS NOT REFUNDABLE. *Virginia state law requires that we charge no less than 10% but not more than 15%.

Can I do the paperwork and pay for the bond online?

Absolutely! You can pay here and the paperwork can be emailed directly to you (we are working on making it accessible online).

When does a bond end?

The bond is not completed UNTIL the charge that the bond is associated with has been FINALIZED. Meaning the defendant has been sentenced or the charges have been dismissed. There is NO set time lines that can be provided, it is all dependent upon how long the case takes to be finalized.

What does it mean to be a cosigner?

When you cosign a bond for a defendant you are taking on the responsibility for the entire bond amount. Therefore in the event that the defendant does not go to court as ordered you would be responsible for paying the full amount to us.

What is an indemnitor?

An indemnitor is the fancy word for the cosigner.

What is collateral? And why would you need it?

Collateral is *TYPICALLY* only asked for in certain circumstances. The need/cost for it is analyzed on a case by case basis. It is *TYPICALLY* only requested when the defendant has no ties to the local community, if the defendant does not live in the local area, or if the bond is exceedingly large. So the collateral is requested as an additional assurance for the bonding company. The collateral will ONLY be returned to the payor once the case has been finalized AND ONLY IF the defendant has attended ALL court dates as ordered. Collateral is in addition to the bail amount paid by the indemnitor. Collateral and the bail amount (10-15% + processing fee) ARE NOT THE SAME THING.

Have we done a bond for you before?

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