Understanding the bonding process can be difficult. Especially if you have never had any experience in this arena before. I know that prior to becoming a bail bondsman in VA I would have had no idea where to begin! In the state of Virginia there are three options when it comes to making bail for an individual. 1. Pay the full amount of the bond in cash directly to the magistrate. 2. Take the deed or title for property owned in Virginia, for which you have equity equivalent to the full price of the bond to the magistrate. 3. Pay a bondsman 10-15% of the bail and have a cosigner. Now obviously each of this options have their own pros and cons. We will discuss pros and cons in another post. Right now I just want to be able to provide a brief overview of the process.

What does it mean to be a cosigner for a bond?

If you choose to use a bondsman to post bail for someone, they will require someone to cosign for that individual. Being a cosigner means that you are the one responsible for the full amount of that bond should the person you are bonding out choose not to go to court dates as ordered by the court. Every company will have varying requirements of being a cosigner but our requirements are as follows: Option 1: Be employed and have been employed for the previous 12 months and be able to provide proof. Proof could be pay stubs, W2s, or screenshot of bank deposits. Option 2: If you receive a fixed check each month (such as SSI, SS, or Retirement plans) you must also own your home or other property (cars not included).

How long does the bonding process take?

If you choose to bond your family or friend out then we will meet you at the jail and do the cosigner’s paperwork, receive the payment, then complete the required paperwork with the magistrate. However, there is no way for us to be able to provide a set timeframe. There are at times, factors that are outside of anyone’s control that factor into the jail staff or magistrate’s attention being otherwise required. But generally a good guess is the whole process will take between 1 hour to 2 hours.

This is just a quick overview obviously so come back for more information as we continue to provide updates! Or check out our FAQ if you need more information now.`

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